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Window Washing Tips and Tricks.

Window Washing Tips and Tricks.

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How Professional Window Cleaning Service Providers Do it.

If you want to clean your windows to a perfect shine, then follow our guidelines.

Step 1: You will Need:

  • one pair of rubber gloves;
  • some black & white newspaper;
  • one window cleaning wiper;
  • one window cleaning washer;
  • some household vinegar;
  • one bucket of warm water.

Step 2: Weather Considerations
Make sure you schedule your window washing tasks for a cloudy day. Direct sunlight may dry your window cleaning products too soon on the window, making it even harder to clean.

Step 3: Preparation
Window Cleaning Service in Corona CAPut on your rubber gloves and get ready to make yourself two solutions: a soapy and a vinegary solution. The soapy solution will be used to make the glass slippery so you can collect the dirt and debris without scratching it. The vinegary solution will be used to give a final shine to the already washed windows.

Step 4: Outside
Mix a bit of washing up liquid with half a bucket of warm water and begin washing your windows from outside. Using a natural sponge, wipe over the window in a side to side and up to down motion until all dirt and debris are removed. If cleaning your windows involves using a ladder, then think about hiring a window cleaning service. Most of them offer outstanding services at very affordable prices – it is not worth the risk of putting your life in danger over cleaning your windows.

Once the window glass is washed thoroughly, it’s time to remove the excess water. For this, you have to use a window wiper. Run it from one side of the window to the other and then wipe the blade with a cloth. Continue until the window is dry.

Step 5. Inside
Before you start washing your windows from inside, make sure you protect your floors from drips by surrounding the window with newspaper. The washing technique is the same as before. Wash the window glass with the sponge and then wipe it with the window wiper. Finally, use the vinegary solution to give your windows a glossy shine.

The only downside of this window washing method is that it’s time consuming. That’s why many people prefer hiring a window cleaning service provider. Bob's Window Cleaning & Screen is a reputable company that specializes in window washing and screen repair. If you reside in Corona, CA, call them at (951) 898-7616.