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Do you need professional window screens installation? Is your screen door in need of repair?

We proudly present to you, Bob's Window Cleaning & Screen!

Located in Corona, CA, our company is the provider of the leading window screen service in the area! Our business is licensed and insured, which means that you don’t need to worry about the quality of our services. Here are a few examples of the services we can provide for you:

– solar screen installation
– window screens
– pet door installation
– screen repair
– and much more!

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Address: Corona, CA 92881

Phone: (951) 898-7616

by Kate - Corona Customer on Bob's Window Cleaning & Screen

I highly recommend Bob’s Screen for window cleaning and screen replacement! I am just amazed at how beautiful my windows look and with all new screens! I should have had my windows and screens cleaned and fixed years ago! I will definitely have Bob and he team back out! They were professional, thoughtful and extremely nice! Not only did they replace all my old screens but they have Patio Screen doors on their truck and installed it! The Patio Screen door is so much higher quality than any one we looked at any home improvement store. I just love the Patio Screen door! I am one extremely pleased Customer!! Thank you!!

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Screen doors have become a inseparable part of our daily lives. They are used to protect us from mosquitoes, and the rays of the sun. As all things in life, when time passes they will require some maintenance – some may even need screen repair. We can replace any damaged areas on your screen, or its holding frame, or based on your preference we can install a brand new one. Suffice to say, our highly experienced and qualified professionals are more than prepared to deliver the screen repair service you and your home need!

Bob's Window Cleaning & Screen is versatile – besides manufacturing, repairing and installing a variety of screen products, our Corona, CA company can also deliver a high quality window cleaning service! Does your residence have foggy windows? No problem! Our window washing methods are the most professional on the market. We will use only top grade products, in order to return the shine to your windows! The professionals of our company have worked on many projects, and they have come to understand the essence of the perfect window washing service. And now, they are here to provide you with the spotless results you need!

There are some, when people require a different kind of window screen – the all new solar screen! This type of screen is installed on top of a window frame, or it can be incorporated directly into the frame itself. The screen is comprised of a specially dark colored mesh material, that has the ability to block and distort the rays of direct sunlight. This comes as a great addition to a residence in the open – get your quality solar screens now, and save yourselves and your home from the hot rays of the sun!

Do you already have a window screen but it needs repair? No problem! Our professional screen repair service will undoubtedly address your issue, and resolve it in an efficient and timely manner! Bob's Window Cleaning & Screen is more than capable of fixing your screens – anywhere in Corona, CA! You don’t need to search for the services of a freelancer, because there is no better quality than our professional quality! We are eager to provide you with high quality assistance – contact us, and we promise to deliver the results you need, and exceed your expectations!

Any screen maintenance or window cleaning service offered by our reputable company comes at competitive prices – you don’t have to worry about affordability! You can receive additional information on the phone number listed below: